Wedding Planning, We can help!

Congratulations on your engagement - We love Weddings! We had a great wedding and we want to make sure that you have the wedding of your dreams. We find that planning is the key to the success of any event, especially a wedding because there are so many details...details...details!

How we can help - TWO DJs. One of us acts as a communicator between the wedding couple, or photographer, or video person, while the other one is mixing music or making announcements. We are both professionally trained to utilize the microphone and to mix music.

Wedding information guide - This guide provides us with all the information concerning all the key players.

Wedding outline - Our outline provides us with the chronology of the event. For example, would you like the toast before the dinner or after dinner? It is your choice! Be as creative or as traditional as you like.

Song list - We have a variety of music. Just circle which groups you like and we will format our mix accordingly.

Love story questionnaires - Hey, let's have some fun! Fill out this questionnaire, one for your fiancee, one for you, and we will use the information to dedicate songs and provide anecdotes about the wedding couple that your family and friends may not know! BUT DON'T WRITE DOWN ANYTHING THAT YOU WOULDN'T WANT US TO SAY INTO THE MICROPHONE.

Flexibility - Even the best planned wedding does not always go as planned. Things happen! This is where experience counts. We have over 20 years of experience.

Finally - If you decide to use us, we will send you the above information, a contract and an agreement. We ask for a deposit to lock in the date.